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As a student at Goldstar Barber Academy Llc, you'll enjoy an excellent learning atmosphere and a staff committed to excellence in education. Continue reading to discover our programs, get in touch with any questions.



For admission to Goldstar Barber Academy applicants must meet the following requirements.

- Students must be 15 years or older

-Have a high school diploma or the equivalent

Additionally: For Cosmetology to Barber Crossover program, applicants must have a current Cosmetology license

-For the Barber Instructor program, applicants must have a current Barber License

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Potential students interested in enrolling in one of the programs of study at Goldstar Barber College complete the following admissions process:

●      Tour the school 

●      Complete an interview with the Director of Admissions Coordinator during which:

o   The applicant’s future plans are discussed;

o   The programs of study are explained;

o   The requirements for admission are reviewed

  • Programs costs and financial options are discussed

Potential students who qualify for the program and desire to enroll, then complete the following enrollment procedure:

●      Provide a copy of the high school diploma, transcript, or the equivalent (i.e, GED)

●      Provide 3 identical 2”x2” pictures – one of which is given to the school, one of which is retained by the student station and one used for student ID.

●      Provide a copy of a government issued photo ID and Social Security Card

●      Provide a copy of a current Cosmetology License if enrolling in the Cosmetology Crossover Program

●      Provide a copy of a current Barber License if enrolling in the Barber Instructor program

  • Students who withdraw prior to completion of the program and re-enroll will return at the same at the same status in which they withdrew both in class instruction and in satisfactory academic progress status at the time of withdrawal

After the prospective student provides the required documents above, the Director reviews them for completeness and accuracy. If all documentation is in order the potential student is notified of his or her acceptance by the Director. Next, the newly accepted applicants:

●      Make financial arrangements for payment of tuition and fees.

●      Sign the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Barber Student Permit Application and pay a $25 permit fee

●      Receive and knowledge receipt of the School Catalog

  • Receive, read, and sign an Enrollment Agreement that is also signed by a school representative. (A copy of the signed enrollment agreement is provided to the student.)

Please note: The Student Catalog and the Enrollment Agreement constitute a binding contract between the student and Goldstar Barber Academy. It is recommended that all individuals carefully review these documents, prior to signing the Enrollment Agreement

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