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Course Description: The course includes a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands-on clientele practice. The program will ensure that basic skills to more advanced skills are gained, as individuals proceed through the course. The course also ensures that students are also trained and prepared in State Board licensing applications and evaluations.

At the successful completion of the Class A Barber program, the student will be able to:

●      Demonstrate professionalism, poise, and proper grooming

●      Project a positive attitude and self-confidence

●      Communication effectively and interact appropriately with colleagues, supervisors, and clients

●      Perform basic skills in the areas of hair cutting and styling, hair coloring, scalp and hair conditioning, and shaving

●      Use basic analytical skills advise client

●      Apply knowledge and skills necessary to pass required licensing examinations

●      Achieve entry-level employment in the field of barbering

Methodology used during classroom instruction includes lecture and discussion, demonstration, individualized instruction, and practical experience of barbering functions.

Grading Procedures: Both written test and practical skills test are given throughout the program. Practical skills are assessed using rubrics designed to evaluate skill achievement. Grades are based on Goldstar Barber Academy grading scale with a minimum passing grade of 70% out of possible 100%.

In any of our professional programs, students will receive instruction and learn techniques from top industry experts. Take a look below at the programs available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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1,000 HOURS

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Barber Course has been a great fit for many of our students in the past. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today.
Clock Hours/Program Length:
1,000 Clock Hour
29 weeks Full-Time; 35 Hours per Week
40 weeks Part-Time; 25Hours per Week
Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.


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Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills, our Barber cross over course offers everything you need and more. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.

Clock Hours/Program Length:

300 Clock Hours

500 OR 750 HOURS

Leading the Way

Our Barber Instructor helps pave the way for future barber students. Looking share your knowledge with student barbers then this is the course for you. Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help.
Clock Hours/Program Length:
Licensed Barber For Over 1 Yr 500 Hours
Licensed Barber For Under 1 Yr 750 Hours



What You Need

Already licensed but looking to polish your skills or just learn some new styles. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

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